Beautiful Wooden Bikes..

13 06 2011

The hand-built WRD-11 mahoganny bike built by Sueshiro Sano has got to be the most beautiful.. flowing.. and well engineered bicycle in the wood bicycle category..

Not only is it made with more wood than other wooden bikes I’ve seen (including mahogany saddle rails.. seat.. handle bars.. and even rims).. It is so customized.. that because the seat post/tube is one piece (for frame strength/durability).. it needs to be measured and built according to your proper body dimensions.. No adjustments if you decide to shrink or grow..


Sueshiro Sano :: Beautiful mahogany wood bike..


This VW Gets You 313 MPG..

27 01 2011

Via Auto Express..

The Volkswagen XL1.. the company’s third generation high efficiency vehicle.. now brings you over 300 miles per gallon..

Even with a standard/wider side by side seating configuration (versus predecessors’ narrower jet-fighter fore and aft seating).. It manages to stay slippy by staying nice and low to the ground..

Combine this with lightweight materials.. Airstream management.. And a diesel/electric powerplant.. And you get the magic mileage numbers..

Will this car or a near variant hit our roads soon? I’m hoping sooner.. Than later..

Here is some more info on the XL1..

Volkswagen XL1 :: 313 mpg..

Volkswagen XL1 :: 313 mpg..

New Stratos Website..

25 08 2010

Found the New Stratos website.. Info.. design details and photos on the original.. and the new version.. Very nice..

New Stratos :: website..

The Touring Tricycle..

24 08 2010

Part tricycle.. part RV.. the bufalino is a really interesting concept vehicle that has caught my eye.. It’s a meld between new-school and old-school.. with some modern design accents/flavor.. Perfect for touring long distances in relative comfort.. at a low operational cost..

cornelius comanns :: bufalino touring tricycle..

A Slimmer Fixie..

19 08 2010

Check out this slim fixie.. Well.. rather.. A this fixie that can make itself slimmer.. The handlebars can unlock/lock 90 degrees.. And the same goes for the pedals.. Obvious usage is for easier storage when not in use.. But also when taking the bike through crowded spots.. And even on transit if allowed in your area..

Mix it up with these BTCs and you’ve got yourself a quick takedown bike with some extra versatility..


Slim Fixie..

Slim Fixie

BTC :: Bicycle Torque Coupling..

2uettottanta = New Alfa Romeo Spider..?

22 04 2010

The 2uettottanta (pronounced ‘duet-o-tanta’) could mean the return of a rear-wheel Spider model for Alfa Romeo.. This is a good thing.. as the last ones produced were back in 1993.. Way overdue..

Beautiful car by the way..

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta :: new Spider?..Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta :: new Spider?..

How To Beat $400K(+) Factory WRC Rally Cars With Your $500 Craigslist Car..

22 03 2010

You must read the epic story of how Bill Caswell and his 1991 BMW 318i beat most of the WRC pilots and their multi-hundred-thousand dollar teched-out rides at the Rally Mexico.. Great story.. Bill Caswell's 1991 BMW 318i :: WRC Rally Car Killer..