20 Pounds Of Paper.. Into 1.5 Pounds Of Glass..

19 04 2010

I’ve been wanting this book set for a few years now.. but now that the  Phaidon Design Classsics is portable.. and at an easier price.. Going to get it for sure..  Once I get my iPad that is..

Phaidon :: Design Classics for iPad..


I Still Have My socks On Steve..

28 01 2010

Well.. I have to say that the all new iPad didn’t knock me off my feet.. but I also have to say that there were a lot of features that I really liked..

Pro: Large screen.. thin.. light.. 10 hour battery life with 1 month standy-by.. great for surfing.. photos.. email.. videos.. etc.. Tons of apps that will work on it already.. A few great apps already designed for it.. and future apps to come..  and unlocked 3GS with great pricing..

Con: No multi-tasking.. No built-in camera.. No USB  or HDMI connectors.. No behind the back/case multi-touch controlling.. or any other super-wow item..

Apple Tablet :: iPad..

My verdict:  Even as it’s missing a lot that I wanted.. it will still be a joy to use.. Gonna get the 64gig 3GS in the States.. and worry about 3GS connectivity in Canada later..

My prediction: The iPad will still sell..

2009.. No.1..

1 01 2010

The Star Wars Pop-Up Book..

StarWars :: Pop-Up Guide To The Galaxy..