All Hi-Tops On Deck..

31 03 2010

Via Freshness and Hypebeast..

Found a couple of hi-top deck shoes that I like..  the White Mountaineering vs. Timberland welt boot.. as well as the Kurt Geiger Manitou deck shoe..

White Mountaineering vs. Timberland welt boot..Sebago :: Kurt Geiger Manitou deck shoe..


Soda/Pop Can MacGuyverizing..

31 03 2010

I was doing some research on DIY soda/pop can camping stoves.. and I came across some instructions on how to make a functional/loud survival soda/pop can whistle (found just before the 4:00 mark)..  In a survival situation.. it could really come in handy.. And in a non-survival situation.. it’s just cool to be able to make a whistle a-la-MacGuyver..

DIY :: Soda/Pop Can Whistle..DIY :: Soda/Pop Can Camping Stove..

The Randsell Pack Will Sell..

30 03 2010

Via Freshness..

The Fred Perry Randsell rucksack is understated.. yet this canvas bergen makes a statement.. Vintage vibe with modern features.. a good cross-breed..

Fred Perry :: Randsell Rucksack..Fred Perry :: Randsell Rucksack..

Diggin’ The Tron-like Interior..

30 03 2010

Really diggin’ the Maygreen interior by Kinzo.. The ‘circuit’ light fixtures and the polygonal furniture definitely emanate so Tron flavors..

kinzo :: maygreen interior..

12-foot Wave Ride In Super Slow Motion..

22 03 2010

Whether you’re a fan of surf..  a fan of beautiful cinematography.. or both like me.. you must check out this super-slow-motion wave ride video..  Beauty in motion caught in time.. Just beautiful..Super-slow-motion video :: 12 Foot Wave Ride..

How To Beat $400K(+) Factory WRC Rally Cars With Your $500 Craigslist Car..

22 03 2010

You must read the epic story of how Bill Caswell and his 1991 BMW 318i beat most of the WRC pilots and their multi-hundred-thousand dollar teched-out rides at the Rally Mexico.. Great story.. Bill Caswell's 1991 BMW 318i :: WRC Rally Car Killer..

New Moon Lighting..

22 03 2010

Thanks to J-10 for this one.. Check out this solar eclipse inspired Nissyoku light.. Two adjustable magnetic panels lets you set the amount of light you want reflected..

Nissyoku :: solar eclipse inspired lighting..Nissyoku :: solar eclipse inspired lighting..Nissyoku :: solar eclipse inspired lighting..