Vintage Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Decks For Sale..

20 05 2010

Got the intel from my man Flynamic..

Seeing these Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Street Decks bring back some good memories.. This original collection is up for grabs.. No re-issues..  Check out the details here..

I used to ride the yellow one BTW.. Heheheh.. Good times..

Original :: Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp skateboard decks..


A-10.. Gets Best Performance..

19 05 2010

Craig Gotschang received the Best Multi Jet Performance  for his A-10 at this year’s Florida Jets event.. Looking at the photo and this video.. you’d think that this was the real deal plane flying by.. but in fact it’s an airworthy scale model.. with jet propulsion.. Me wants..

Craig Gotschang :: Jet powered scale model A-10..

Black Bags.. Black Kicks.. Black Tuesday..

18 05 2010

Two things in black for you today..

First is the Lexdray Classified Collection.. A bag line that is low-key/tactical on the outside.. and technical/sophisticated on the inside..  Durable fabrics and military grade hardware.. With each bag.. you get a good balance of function.. style.. quality.. and innovation..

Converse :: Jack Purcell 75th Anniversary Edition..

And next are these special 75th anniversary black wool Converse Jack Purcell hi-tops.. Just bought a pair of regular whites myself.. but will surely be seeking these wool/leather/rubber versions come this fall..

Lexdray :: Classified Collection..

Mobile Remote Controlled Cameras..

3 05 2010

Check out the  Hawk Eye..  and the BeetleCam..  Remotely controlled vehicles with built-in cameras.. Great opportunity to take some unique photos from a totally different vantage point.. and have fun doing it!..

Spinmaster :: Hawk Eye heli camera..BeetleCam :: remote 4x4 camera..

Unlikely Materials Result Into A Product I Like..

3 05 2010

Normally one doesn’t consider bison leather.. mil-grade ceramics.. lamb skin.. Kevlar.. and lambskin as a good combination of raw materials to create a workable product..  However Parabellum has done exactly this..  They’ve created a high-end/luxury product with a utilitarian feel/flavor..  Hand crafted in L.A… you get a beautiful looking  product that will last years past the mass produced stuff out there..

Parabellum :: Luxury-Utilitarian accessories..

What Do You Get When Miyamoto Musashi Meets Obi Wan Kenobi?..

3 05 2010

Got this one from my man Flynamic..

What do you get when Miyamoto Musashi meets Obi Wan Kenobi?..

You get Samurai Wars.. an interesting alternate look into the Star Wars universe..

Sillof's Workshop :: Samurai Wars..