Record Surround Video On Your iPhone 4..

11 06 2011

Check out this sweet project.. It’s called the Dot by Kogeto.. a fully portable 360 degree video capture attachment for your iPhone 4..  Clip it on.. record your video.. play it back with full interactivity.. enabling your to check what’s going on in any circular direction real-time.. Nice..

Check video samples taken with the Dot on the Kogeto website..

Dot by Kogeto :: portable 360 degree video capture unit for iPhone 4..


Ballpoint Pen Tattoos..

16 02 2011

Shohei Otomo is an amazing and very talented artist.. I love how he mixes the styles of  traditional Japanese art.. with Japanese comic book art (manga).. along with a dollop of art noir..

But what a lot of folks don’t know.. is that this guy uses a ballpoint pen to “ink” his subjects.. Check out this video of Shohei Otomo in action..

Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker In Action Video..

RC Tri-Copter vs. The Balloon Brigade..

2 02 2011

Check out this fun video of a home-made remote controlled  Tri-Copter going up against the Balloon Brigade.. Fun stuff!!!

RC Tri-Copter vs. Balloon Brigade..

Skeet Shooting With A Tank..

16 09 2010

Love this!  This is genious!  Have a blast.. skeet shooting with a tank..

I need to find myself a tank..

Skeet shooting with a tank :: Genious!Skeet shooting with a tank :: Genious!

A Slimmer Fixie..

19 08 2010

Check out this slim fixie.. Well.. rather.. A this fixie that can make itself slimmer.. The handlebars can unlock/lock 90 degrees.. And the same goes for the pedals.. Obvious usage is for easier storage when not in use.. But also when taking the bike through crowded spots.. And even on transit if allowed in your area..

Mix it up with these BTCs and you’ve got yourself a quick takedown bike with some extra versatility..


Slim Fixie..

Slim Fixie

BTC :: Bicycle Torque Coupling..

A Couple Of Movies To Viewsualize..

29 07 2010

Here are a couple of movies that I’m looking forward to visually soaking in..

I was still a kid when I was blown away by the original’s style and imagery.. after seeing the the trailers.. I am looking for more with Tron Legacy….  >>> Directed by Joseph Kosinski.. Starring Jeff Bridges.. Garrett Hedlund.. Olivia Wilde.. Bruce Boxleitner.. James Frain.. Beau Garrett..

And with a combination of samurai/blitzkrieg/fantasy style..  Sucker Punch looks to be promising to the eyeballs.. >>> Directed by Zack Snyder.. Starring Emily Browning.. Abbie Cornish.. Vanessa Hudgens.. Jamie Chung.. Jena Malone.. Carla Gugino.. Jon Hamm.. Scott Glenn.. Oscar Isaac..

Two very different action movies that I know will look stunning.. and I’m hoping that they will also have a decent plot/storyline..

Movie :: Tron Legacy..

Movie :: Sucker Punch..

A-10.. Gets Best Performance..

19 05 2010

Craig Gotschang received the Best Multi Jet Performance  for his A-10 at this year’s Florida Jets event.. Looking at the photo and this video.. you’d think that this was the real deal plane flying by.. but in fact it’s an airworthy scale model.. with jet propulsion.. Me wants..

Craig Gotschang :: Jet powered scale model A-10..