Snow Watch..

Tinker Hatfield


The Axé Effect..
Playing capoeira in Van City.

Secrets to the healing factor.

10 Truths..
That a warrior should know.

First hit..
Wins the fight.

The 10 Essentials..
When going out into the wilderness.

Love Enemies..
Not so easy to do, but good for you.

Genuine homestyle miso soup.

in my life.

A picture..
always helps me.

No Form..
Bruce Lee



One response

30 09 2009

i got this line from a movie called ” go-getter .”
it’s got this interesting point of view about why people would want to start a band.
it goes like ” people are always trying to start a band to make the rest of us feel like crap…” which i would agree with it like 70%…
it’s a little radical maybe , but you just have to admit there is some truth in it… but
it’s not my favorite line , my favorite is give by leading character ” joker ” in ” batman: dark knight ” who goes the second leading character in his own movie with his name as the movie’s title. pretty generous he is ! huh… anyway , my favorite goes like this ” if you are good at something , never do it for free. ”

as to share with you!!!…

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