Record Surround Video On Your iPhone 4..

11 06 2011

Check out this sweet project.. It’s called the Dot by Kogeto.. a fully portable 360 degree video capture attachment for your iPhone 4..  Clip it on.. record your video.. play it back with full interactivity.. enabling your to check what’s going on in any circular direction real-time.. Nice..

Check video samples taken with the Dot on the Kogeto website..

Dot by Kogeto :: portable 360 degree video capture unit for iPhone 4..


Aquarium of Endor..

17 01 2011

Wow long gap since last posting.. My apologies..

Anyways.. Was over at Flynamic’s place the other day.. And we discussed how long it’s been since I last wrote in my blog.. So I thought it was fitting that I re-started with something I saw over at his place.. It’s an aquarium with a Forest of Endor diorama..

Me likes..

Inspiration For Nigel Cabourn..

25 08 2010

Came across the upcoming Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2010 line yesterday.. And it reminded me of photos I saw of Edmund and Tenzing.. The first official duo to make it to the peak of Mt. Everest.. I have to say that Ed and Ten have some dope steez.. Check out more photos after the jump..

Cool Skin for Your iPhone..

23 08 2010

Looking for a cool skin for your new iPhone? If yes.. then you might want to change your iPhone into a Leica..

iPad :: Leica skin..

Finally.. A Camera Bag That I Can Take Out..

17 06 2010

Finally.. This Kelly Moore designed camera bag is something that I can take out with me in a casual surrounding and not look like a tourist.. a wedding photographer.. or a photojournalist..

Lots of exterior pockets and a padded interior with adjustable dividers.. And no sporty looking balls tic nylon anywhere.. Nice..

Mobile Remote Controlled Cameras..

3 05 2010

Check out the  Hawk Eye..  and the BeetleCam..  Remotely controlled vehicles with built-in cameras.. Great opportunity to take some unique photos from a totally different vantage point.. and have fun doing it!..

Spinmaster :: Hawk Eye heli camera..BeetleCam :: remote 4x4 camera..

365 Days Of Stormtrooping..

3 04 2010

From my boy Flynamic..

Here’s a lighthearted look at a year in the life of Stormtroopers.. See what they’re up to when they’re not out chasing after the rebels..

Secret Lives of Stormtroopers..Secret Lives of Stormtroopers..Secret Lives of Stormtroopers..