Ladies And Gentlemen.. The Living Camera..

19 04 2010

Ladies and gentlemen.. I introduce to you.. the living camera.. Stephen Wiltshire..  Definitely an amazing super power..

Stephen Wiltshire :: The Living Camera..


Diggin’ The Tron-like Interior..

30 03 2010

Really diggin’ the Maygreen interior by Kinzo.. The ‘circuit’ light fixtures and the polygonal furniture definitely emanate so Tron flavors..

kinzo :: maygreen interior..

Ice Painting Is A Cool Thing To Do..

10 02 2010

Saw Gordon Halloran’s Ice Gate today at  a Vancouver 2010 Olympic venue.. Sheets of colored/textured/sculpted ice frozen onto a refrigerated wall.. to create a giant piece of art.. Reminds me of graf.. Out on the street.. for everybody to see.. and enjoy..  Cool sauce..

Gordon Halloran :: Richmond Ice Gate..Gordon Halloran :: Ice Painting..Gordon Halloran :: Richmond Ice Gate..

Hoist Your Coat Up On Arrival..

26 01 2010

Liking the Hoist by Oscar Narud.. A dynamic hanging system that works for different sized rooms..

Just have to make sure that the ceiling hardware is well-anchored..

Oscar Narud :: Hoist hanger system..Oscar Narud :: Hoist hanger system..

Architectural Work With A Canvas Of Concrete..

15 01 2010

This new material can prove very useful in Haiti right now..  Inflatable emergency shelters made with a thin walled cement impregnated fabric (Concrete Cloth) bonded to the outer surface of a plastic inner.. All you need is air and water..

Inflate the shelter.. Add water.. Let dry for 24 hours.. and you have a waterproof and fireproof structure that you can stand on top of.. and will last up to ten years if needed..

Concrete Cloth also has many civilian and military applications.. as well as a few creative ones that just came to mind.. Genious material..

Concrete Cloth :: emergency shelters made with Concrete Canvas..Concrete Cloth :: emergency shelters made with Concrete Canvas..Concrete Cloth :: emergency shelters made with Concrete Canvas..Concrete Cloth :: emergency shelters made with Concrete Canvas..

Gastown Part IV..

12 01 2010

Last Gastown stop last Saturday was a quick drop-in at Roden Gray.. and scoped some Filson laptop and duffle bags..

Ko and I then headed over to Finch’s and ordered a tasty baguette with prosciutto/pear/blue brie/roasted walnuts.. and a Boylan’s creamy birch beer to drink..

Ended the day by checking out the newly installed replica of the iconic Woodwards “W” (now aluminum instead of steel.. and LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs)..

That was a good day..

Roden Gray :: stocking Filson bags..Finch's :: tasty prociutto/pear/blue brie/walnut baguette..Gastown :: The new Woodward's W..

Gastown Part I..

11 01 2010

Went to visit my brother last Saturday.. We chilled for a bit.. then we headed over to Gastown to check things..

Parked the car over by Gassy Jack..

Then headed into blood alley (looking better in there every year).. where we headed into Goaler’s Mews to check out our first stop..

Ko's :: fixie..

Gastown :: across from Gassy Jack..Gastown :: Good ol' Gassy Jack..

Gastown :: Blood Alley..

Gastown :: Blood Alley.. Goaler's Mews back entrance..