Another Way To Get A Roskopp Under Your Feet..

13 06 2011

My man Flynamic saw these Roskopp flip-flops at a local downtown Vancouver shop the other day.. Bold flip-flops brah..

Santa Cruz :: Roskopp flip-flops..


Ballpoint Pen Tattoos..

16 02 2011

Shohei Otomo is an amazing and very talented artist.. I love how he mixes the styles of  traditional Japanese art.. with Japanese comic book art (manga).. along with a dollop of art noir..

But what a lot of folks don’t know.. is that this guy uses a ballpoint pen to “ink” his subjects.. Check out this video of Shohei Otomo in action..

Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker In Action Video..

Hang Ten.. Plus Ten..

3 09 2010

I like the artistic versus utilitarian nature of the 20 hangers wardrobe.. Hung in a corner.. you can change the look and feel by changing what you hang on it.. Hangdy..

Alice Rosignoli :: 20 Hangers..

Robot Fancy..

30 07 2010

These mecha illustrations caught my eye the other day.. More examples after the jump..

Vintage Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Decks For Sale..

20 05 2010

Got the intel from my man Flynamic..

Seeing these Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Street Decks bring back some good memories.. This original collection is up for grabs.. No re-issues..  Check out the details here..

I used to ride the yellow one BTW.. Heheheh.. Good times..

Original :: Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp skateboard decks..

An Eraser That Becomes A Pebble..

22 04 2010

These Pebble Eraser start out as multi-edged erasers.. great for erasing small areas accurately..  The longer you use them.. (as they meander through their life-cycle).. the eventually become rounded like pebbles found in rivers.. Poetic/technical concept..

Pebble :: Erasers..Pebble :: Erasers..

Ladies And Gentlemen.. The Living Camera..

19 04 2010

Ladies and gentlemen.. I introduce to you.. the living camera.. Stephen Wiltshire..  Definitely an amazing super power..

Stephen Wiltshire :: The Living Camera..