Posting Since April 2004..

30 09 2009

Wow.. I’ve been posting the Golgo73 Freshly Squeezed Lifestyle Solutions for over five years now..

Please feel free to check out the archives that are still up on my old site by clicking here..

I will also put a link to the original archives on the right-hand column of this blog..

Eventually.. I would like to have all my old posts replicated on WordPress.. so that finding related posts via category or tags will be so much easier.. :: Lifestyle Solutions -> Freshly Squeezed..


Searching For The Oldest Living Things On Earth..

30 09 2009

Rachel Sussman is on a mission.. She scouring the globe.. looking for the oldest living things on earth.. like a 7000 year old cedar.. or 3000 year old moss.. When she finds what she’s looking for..  she photographs them for posterity of course..

Jomon Sugi Japanese Cedar :: 7000 years old.. and counting..

La Llareta :: 3000 year old greenery..

Vicente Makes New Things Look Old..

30 09 2009

Nice looking retro study by Jean-François Vicente..

Vicente Designed :: retro bike..

The Bag Is In The Coat.. And Not The Other Way Around..

30 09 2009

Loving the Irvine Rucksack Parka by Nigel Cabourn.. Wool outer with integrated hood and rucksack/backpack.. Built-in leather belt.. leather pulls.. and cargo pockets also add to the look and the utility of the coat..

Nigel Cabourn :: Irvine Rucksack Parka..

Nigel Cabourn :: Irvine Rucksack Parka..

An Old 911 Sings a New Tune..

29 09 2009

The Singer 911 is an old car with a new donor heart.. The old engine is replaced with a newer healthier air-cooled 3.82-liter flat-six with a six pack of throttle bodies.. producing 425bhp.. Tons more deets after the jump..

Singer 911 :: radical old school Porsche..



Hard Not To Like Hard Graft..

29 09 2009

Looks like hard graft has updated their 2Unfold this fall.. along with a new line of hats made by Mühlbauer.. Nice..

hard graft :: Fall 2009

hard graft :: 2Unfold Fall 2009..

hard graft :: headwear made by Mühlbauer..

Folding furniture that fits in a magazine..

28 09 2009

Yes.. one more pop-up posting for September..

This one is a series of magazine ads for a company that sells collapsible furniture.. Their ads literally pop-up as you flick through the magazine.. Nice..

Nha-Xinh :: Folding-Chair in a magazine..

Nha-Xinh :: Folding-Shelf in a magazine..

Nha-Xinh :: Folding-table in a magazine..