Robot Fancy..

30 07 2010

These mecha illustrations caught my eye the other day.. More examples after the jump..


How To “Backup” Your Vinyl Records..

30 07 2010

Not sure if the resulting copy will sound just as good as the original.. but in case you want to “backup” your rare vinyl.. here’s how..

Backing up your vinyl/records..

A Couple Of Movies To Viewsualize..

29 07 2010

Here are a couple of movies that I’m looking forward to visually soaking in..

I was still a kid when I was blown away by the original’s style and imagery.. after seeing the the trailers.. I am looking for more with Tron Legacy….  >>> Directed by Joseph Kosinski.. Starring Jeff Bridges.. Garrett Hedlund.. Olivia Wilde.. Bruce Boxleitner.. James Frain.. Beau Garrett..

And with a combination of samurai/blitzkrieg/fantasy style..  Sucker Punch looks to be promising to the eyeballs.. >>> Directed by Zack Snyder.. Starring Emily Browning.. Abbie Cornish.. Vanessa Hudgens.. Jamie Chung.. Jena Malone.. Carla Gugino.. Jon Hamm.. Scott Glenn.. Oscar Isaac..

Two very different action movies that I know will look stunning.. and I’m hoping that they will also have a decent plot/storyline..

Movie :: Tron Legacy..

Movie :: Sucker Punch..