Titanium Field Watch For Under $100..

2 02 2010

If you’re looking for bang for your buck.. check out this  A-2T field watch by Bertucci.. Military inspired.. solid titanium case.. heavy duty integrated band lugs.. Swiss movement.. luminous display.. offset titanium screw-down crown.. and 100m water water resistance.. For under $100 at most places.. Good return on your investment for years to come..

Bertucci  ::  A-2t vintage titanium field watch..Bertucci  ::  A-2t vintage titanium field watch..


Bell & Ross On My Radar..

25 10 2009

This Bell & Ross Radar has caught my attention.. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide.. Check out their 2009-2010 Limited Editions catalogue via their official site for other noteworthy timepieces..

BellAndRoss :: BR 01-92 Radar..

A Watch Without A Face..

1 10 2009

The Diesel Black Label watch really doesn’t have a face.. Instead it has four mini-watches showing the time on each side of the body.. or should I say it has mini displays on both “cheeks”?.. Anyways.. it makes for a unique look.. Especially if you’re gonna rock the all-black steez..

Diesel :: Black Label watch..

Diesel :: Black Label watch..

Posting Since April 2004..

30 09 2009

Wow.. I’ve been posting the Golgo73 Freshly Squeezed Lifestyle Solutions for over five years now..

Please feel free to check out the archives that are still up on my old site by clicking here..

I will also put a link to the original Golgo73.com archives on the right-hand column of this blog..

Eventually.. I would like to have all my old posts replicated on WordPress.. so that finding related posts via category or tags will be so much easier..

www.golgo73.com :: Lifestyle Solutions -> Freshly Squeezed..

Reef on Oktopus..

21 09 2009

If you’re a diver with some cash looking for some new gear.. you might want to look into the Reef  Dive Computer.. it snaps securely onto the Oktopus by Linde Werdelin..  The dive computer has a 55mm transreflective color screen for excellent underwater readouts on the automatilcally updated environmental conditions.. The watch is available in titanium or DLC (diamond-like coating).. and is water resistant to 1111m.. Black anodized for both computer and watch.. The watch is limited to 88 pieces worldwide..

Linde Werdelin :: Reef Diving Computer

Linde Werdelin :: Oktopus


18 09 2009

Check out the Hubless.. by Petter Knudsen..  Nice.. clean.. and hubless..

Petter Knudsen :: Hubless clock..

Ikepod Solaris SCB31..

28 08 2009

The iPod has been around since 2001.. Take note that watch brand Ikepod has been around since 1994.. So forget about the name.. Instead consider their product instead..

The item that I’m really diggin’ is the Solaris SCB31.. Dual face.. with independent movement for each face.. Hence dual time zones are possible.. Split color case also gives you dual color options.. The metal mesh straps are also an added bonus..