A Good Mix Of Goods And Cars..

15 02 2010

Saw this Summer 2010 Visvim collection over at Hypebeast yesterday.. Definitely some nice stuff to wear for the coming warm season.. But what really caught my eye were the classic Porsches ala 917 and 911..

Visvim Summer 2010 :: Porsche 917..Visvim Summer 2010 :: race inspired..Visvim Summer 2010 :: Porsche 911..


Ice Painting Is A Cool Thing To Do..

10 02 2010

Saw Gordon Halloran’s Ice Gate today at  a Vancouver 2010 Olympic venue.. Sheets of colored/textured/sculpted ice frozen onto a refrigerated wall.. to create a giant piece of art.. Reminds me of graf.. Out on the street.. for everybody to see.. and enjoy..  Cool sauce..

Gordon Halloran :: Richmond Ice Gate..Gordon Halloran :: Ice Painting..Gordon Halloran :: Richmond Ice Gate..

Control Your Point-And-Shoot With A Front-Mounted Ring..

9 02 2010

It’s been years since I’ve done any research on a point-and-shoot digital camera.. but an unforseen accident in Vegas has lead me to look for a new pocketable camera..

And that’s what leads me to talk about the Canon S90..

There are a lot of good things packed into this little box.. which makes this camera.. in my opinion.. the best point-and-shoot in the market today..

Inside.. you find the same large sensor you’ll find on the top of the line G11.. but has a faster f/2 lens than the G11.. 3″ 3:4 aspect LCD screen.. and for added controlability.. a rotating control ring around the lens.. which you can program to control aperture.. exposure.. shutter.. ISO.. and other functions.. And importantly.. make these changes quickly.. An additional control ring on the back.. and shortcut button add to making quick adjustments to squeeze the performance you need to take great photos..

It also shoots video.. but not in HD.. No matters.. My main task with this little guy is to shoot great photos when a lugging around a big DSLR isn’t feasible..

Canon S90 :: best point-and-shoot digital camera to date..Canon S90 :: best point-and-shoot digital camera to date..

I Found A Gull With Orange Wings..

9 02 2010

During my kid days.. I remember having  a wedge-shaped.. maroon colored Matchbox car.. with a tri-star emblem.. and gullwings doors..

I found the real one today.. It’s called the Mercedes C111..  Groundbreaking design way back in ’69.. Used a Fiberglass  body.. and a Wankel rotary engine of all things..

It came in many iterations over the years.. I like the look of the bottom two below..

Mercedes :: C111.. futuristic retro car..Mercedes :: C111.. futuristic retro car..Mercedes :: C111.. futuristic retro car..

Bench On A Rope..

8 02 2010

Love the mountaineering/climbing inspired benches and decor by Stone Design..

Similar.. but different to the Kampenwand table I posted back in June of ’09..

You can see I like rope..

Stone Design :: El Portillo.. climbing inspired furniture..Stone Design :: El Portillo.. climbing inspired furniture..Stone Design :: El Portillo.. climbing inspired furniture..

Ikonoskop.. Now Coming To You In 3D..

4 02 2010

Riding the  three dimensional wave.. my favorite little movie camera maker company Ikonoskop.. has developed the  a-camIIId.. It shoots RAW sequences at 1920 x 1080 from two different axis.. to give you the 3d effect when shown on screen.. Can shoot at 25 or 30 frames per second.. No news if they’ll be using their proprietary high transfer speed 80 gig cartridges.. or if they have something new up their sleeves.. Currently being built to order.. Order yours now..

Ikonoskop :: a-camIIId.. 3d video camera..

Titanium Field Watch For Under $100..

2 02 2010

If you’re looking for bang for your buck.. check out this  A-2T field watch by Bertucci.. Military inspired.. solid titanium case.. heavy duty integrated band lugs.. Swiss movement.. luminous display.. offset titanium screw-down crown.. and 100m water water resistance.. For under $100 at most places.. Good return on your investment for years to come..

Bertucci  ::  A-2t vintage titanium field watch..Bertucci  ::  A-2t vintage titanium field watch..