Ballpoint Pen Tattoos..

16 02 2011

Shohei Otomo is an amazing and very talented artist.. I love how he mixes the styles of  traditional Japanese art.. with Japanese comic book art (manga).. along with a dollop of art noir..

But what a lot of folks don’t know.. is that this guy uses a ballpoint pen to “ink” his subjects.. Check out this video of Shohei Otomo in action..

Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker In Action Video..


RC Tri-Copter vs. The Balloon Brigade..

2 02 2011

Check out this fun video of a home-made remote controlled  Tri-Copter going up against the Balloon Brigade.. Fun stuff!!!

RC Tri-Copter vs. Balloon Brigade..