RC Tri-Copter vs. The Balloon Brigade..

2 02 2011

Check out this fun video of a home-made remote controlled  Tri-Copter going up against the Balloon Brigade.. Fun stuff!!!

RC Tri-Copter vs. Balloon Brigade..


Aquarium of Endor..

17 01 2011

Wow long gap since last posting.. My apologies..

Anyways.. Was over at Flynamic’s place the other day.. And we discussed how long it’s been since I last wrote in my blog.. So I thought it was fitting that I re-started with something I saw over at his place.. It’s an aquarium with a Forest of Endor diorama..

Me likes..

A-10.. Gets Best Performance..

19 05 2010

Craig Gotschang received the Best Multi Jet Performance¬† for his A-10 at this year’s Florida Jets event.. Looking at the photo and this video.. you’d think that this was the real deal plane flying by.. but in fact it’s an airworthy scale model.. with jet propulsion.. Me wants..

Craig Gotschang :: Jet powered scale model A-10..

What Do You Get When Miyamoto Musashi Meets Obi Wan Kenobi?..

3 05 2010

Got this one from my man Flynamic..

What do you get when Miyamoto Musashi meets Obi Wan Kenobi?..

You get Samurai Wars.. an interesting alternate look into the Star Wars universe..

Sillof's Workshop :: Samurai Wars..

Play War With Felt..

8 01 2010

Kids will be kids.. And boys will be boys.. Feel safe as they fire at each other and play war with these MP Industries felt firearms..

Thanks to my good friend Ro for the link.. Merci mon amie..

MP Industries :: felt firearm toys..

2009.. No.8..

31 12 2009

Falling Water..

Lego Architecture :: Falling Water..

2009.. No.9..

31 12 2009

Argo/Space Battleship Yamato..

Argo Space Battleship Yamamoto :: Limited Edition..