An Eraser That Becomes A Pebble..

22 04 2010

These Pebble Eraser start out as multi-edged erasers.. great for erasing small areas accurately..  The longer you use them.. (as they meander through their life-cycle).. the eventually become rounded like pebbles found in rivers.. Poetic/technical concept..

Pebble :: Erasers..Pebble :: Erasers..


2uettottanta = New Alfa Romeo Spider..?

22 04 2010

The 2uettottanta (pronounced ‘duet-o-tanta’) could mean the return of a rear-wheel Spider model for Alfa Romeo.. This is a good thing.. as the last ones produced were back in 1993.. Way overdue..

Beautiful car by the way..

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta :: new Spider?..Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta :: new Spider?..

Ladies And Gentlemen.. The Living Camera..

19 04 2010

Ladies and gentlemen.. I introduce to you.. the living camera.. Stephen Wiltshire..  Definitely an amazing super power..

Stephen Wiltshire :: The Living Camera..

20 Pounds Of Paper.. Into 1.5 Pounds Of Glass..

19 04 2010

I’ve been wanting this book set for a few years now.. but now that the  Phaidon Design Classsics is portable.. and at an easier price.. Going to get it for sure..  Once I get my iPad that is..

Phaidon :: Design Classics for iPad..

“L” is for Lasers..

12 04 2010

When I was a kid.. my favorite book in all of my World Book Encyclopedia set was the “L” book.. because it had diagrams and photos of lasers in action..  I remember trying to make my own laser.. but my mom wouldn’t let me have one of her rubies.. LOL..

Anyways.. in that line of thought.. check out Speed of Light.. Great eye lights and visuals for your enjoyment.. After the jump.. make sure to follow the links at the bottom of the page for further photos and vids..

Speed of Light :: laser show and exibit..Speed of Light :: laser show and exibit..Speed of Light :: laser show and exibit..Speed of Light :: laser show and exibit..

Choked A La Ninja..

8 04 2010

Saw this video on DomBizzle’s profile today..  Never saw this move before.. Interesting..

I still remember getting double armbarred by Domz many years ago now.. LOL..  Rookie groundfighter I was..

Ninja choked..

365 Days Of Stormtrooping..

3 04 2010

From my boy Flynamic..

Here’s a lighthearted look at a year in the life of Stormtroopers.. See what they’re up to when they’re not out chasing after the rebels..

Secret Lives of Stormtroopers..Secret Lives of Stormtroopers..Secret Lives of Stormtroopers..