Black Bags.. Black Kicks.. Black Tuesday..

18 05 2010

Two things in black for you today..

First is the Lexdray Classified Collection.. A bag line that is low-key/tactical on the outside.. and technical/sophisticated on the inside..  Durable fabrics and military grade hardware.. With each bag.. you get a good balance of function.. style.. quality.. and innovation..

Converse :: Jack Purcell 75th Anniversary Edition..

And next are these special 75th anniversary black wool Converse Jack Purcell hi-tops.. Just bought a pair of regular whites myself.. but will surely be seeking these wool/leather/rubber versions come this fall..

Lexdray :: Classified Collection..


The Randsell Pack Will Sell..

30 03 2010

Via Freshness..

The Fred Perry Randsell rucksack is understated.. yet this canvas bergen makes a statement.. Vintage vibe with modern features.. a good cross-breed..

Fred Perry :: Randsell Rucksack..Fred Perry :: Randsell Rucksack..

Old Bags Become New Bags..

17 03 2010

Have a closer look at the Chronic Fatigue Carry-On.. Old helmet bags were repurposed for street usage.. Nice..

Gastown Part IV..

12 01 2010

Last Gastown stop last Saturday was a quick drop-in at Roden Gray.. and scoped some Filson laptop and duffle bags..

Ko and I then headed over to Finch’s and ordered a tasty baguette with prosciutto/pear/blue brie/roasted walnuts.. and a Boylan’s creamy birch beer to drink..

Ended the day by checking out the newly installed replica of the iconic Woodwards “W” (now aluminum instead of steel.. and LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs)..

That was a good day..

Roden Gray :: stocking Filson bags..Finch's :: tasty prociutto/pear/blue brie/walnut baguette..Gastown :: The new Woodward's W..

Gastown Part II..

11 01 2010

Last Saturday.. me and the bro headed into Goaler’s Mews.. site of Haven’s new Vancouver location.. Talked to Arthur at the shop (who was very helpful and informative).. Found this sweet shirt by Perks and Mini (nice asymetric deets).. and found out that they’re the sole distributor for Acronym in Canada.. Keep an eye out for some new brands that they’re bringing in from out of continent in the near future..

Gastown :: Goaler's Mews.. Haven's new Vancouver location..Gastown :: Goaler's Mews.. Haven's new Vancouver location..PAM :: Florian shirt in chambray..PAM :: Florian shirt in chambray..PAM :: Florian shirt in chambray..Acronym :: Urban Ops Gear..

2009.. No.3..

1 01 2010


Killspencer :: Bags to kill for..

Introducing the 3FOLD..

30 10 2009

Hard Graft hits the trinity with their new 3FOLD bag.. This three-in-one can function as a laptop bag.. an A2-sized portfolio case.. or as a spacious overnighter bag.. An adaptable solutions for a busy/eclectic lifestyle..

Hard Graft :: 3FOLD multi purpose bag..

Hard Graft :: 3FOLD multi purpose bag..