Ballpoint Pen Tattoos..

16 02 2011

Shohei Otomo is an amazing and very talented artist.. I love how he mixes the styles of  traditional Japanese art.. with Japanese comic book art (manga).. along with a dollop of art noir..

But what a lot of folks don’t know.. is that this guy uses a ballpoint pen to “ink” his subjects.. Check out this video of Shohei Otomo in action..

Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker..Shohei Otomo :: Master Inker In Action Video..


RC Tri-Copter vs. The Balloon Brigade..

2 02 2011

Check out this fun video of a home-made remote controlled  Tri-Copter going up against the Balloon Brigade.. Fun stuff!!!

RC Tri-Copter vs. Balloon Brigade..

Aquarium of Endor..

17 01 2011

Wow long gap since last posting.. My apologies..

Anyways.. Was over at Flynamic’s place the other day.. And we discussed how long it’s been since I last wrote in my blog.. So I thought it was fitting that I re-started with something I saw over at his place.. It’s an aquarium with a Forest of Endor diorama..

Me likes..

Skeet Shooting With A Tank..

16 09 2010

Love this!  This is genious!  Have a blast.. skeet shooting with a tank..

I need to find myself a tank..

Skeet shooting with a tank :: Genious!Skeet shooting with a tank :: Genious!

Inspiration For Nigel Cabourn..

25 08 2010

Came across the upcoming Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2010 line yesterday.. And it reminded me of photos I saw of Edmund and Tenzing.. The first official duo to make it to the peak of Mt. Everest.. I have to say that Ed and Ten have some dope steez.. Check out more photos after the jump..

New Stratos Website..

25 08 2010

Found the New Stratos website.. Info.. design details and photos on the original.. and the new version.. Very nice..

New Stratos :: website..

The Touring Tricycle..

24 08 2010

Part tricycle.. part RV.. the bufalino is a really interesting concept vehicle that has caught my eye.. It’s a meld between new-school and old-school.. with some modern design accents/flavor.. Perfect for touring long distances in relative comfort.. at a low operational cost..

cornelius comanns :: bufalino touring tricycle..