A “LeCar” Is Cooler Than The New Mini..

1 03 2010

My brother and I saw an old  white 80’s Renault “LeCar” driving beside us the other day.. We discussed that it had some potential with some modifications done to it.. Then I found out that there were a few turbo variants kicking around in North America.. Rear mounted engine with rear wheel drive.. instead of the regular tranverse mounted front wheel drive engine.. plus a couple hundred extra horses.. make for some exciting and spirited driving.. I have to say I have never seen one in streets locally.. but you can check out more info on the Renault R5 Turbo here.. and more photos and video here.. Way cooler than the current Cooper Mini.. for sure..

Renault :: LeCar..Renault :: R5..Renault :: R5 Turbo..




One response

1 03 2010

Bruce Brown, legendary filmmaker of Endless Summer and On Any Sunday has a Turbo Le Car that he used to rally race… I’ve seen it in his garage in Goleta, CA next to an original Mini Cooper that is also tricked out for rally racing…..

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