Ikepod Solaris SCB31..

28 08 2009

The iPod has been around since 2001.. Take note that watch brand Ikepod has been around since 1994.. So forget about the name.. Instead consider their product instead..

The item that I’m really diggin’ is the Solaris SCB31.. Dual face.. with independent movement for each face.. Hence dual time zones are possible.. Split color case also gives you dual color options.. The metal mesh straps are also an added bonus..


Mountain Research..

26 08 2009

Welcome to the modern retreat house called Mountain Research in Nagano Japan.. The multi-level structure made from local pine houses most of the rooms (bath/den/kitchen/storage/etc).. save the permanent bright yellow tents.. which serve as sleeping quarters.. Very nice place to relax and enjoy both nature and a simple/modern lifestyle..


25 08 2009

Check out this hillarious yet amazing video of Ken Block vs. Rob Dyrdek.. Gymkhana style..  BTW.. Ken is driving the full size Impreza.. while Rob gets to be “Mini-me”..

Gymkhana :: Ken Block vs. Rob Dyrdek..


24 08 2009

It’s no secret that since the 80’s.. I’ve been a fan of ninjas.. and a fan of footwear.. so it’s not a coincidence that I’m a fan of ninja footwear.. shown here in its modern format as the Ikitabi..

I wants..

Digital Harinezumi..

23 08 2009

The tiny Digital Harinezumi looks to have bridged the gap between Lomography and modern digital photography..

Small 110 film cartridge size and form factor.. pop-up viewfinder.. plastic lens.. and specially designed sensor.. all combine to create Lomographic feel.. and the desired “flawed” effect..


22 08 2009

Street artist Trase has caught my eye and admiration for his Shadows & Scars series..

Eggplant.. Radical..

Set 1.. Set 2.. Set 3..

More World War Robots by Ashley Wood..

21 08 2009

My man Ashley Wood now has Armstrong :: Lunar Defence Bots coming your way.. Looks like two flavors are currently available.. Shadow guard.. or Lunar camo.. The Shadow guard looks kick ass..

Perfect follow ups to Bertie.. Bramble.. and Large Martin..