Record Surround Video On Your iPhone 4..

11 06 2011

Check out this sweet project.. It’s called the Dot by Kogeto.. a fully portable 360 degree video capture attachment for your iPhone 4..  Clip it on.. record your video.. play it back with full interactivity.. enabling your to check what’s going on in any circular direction real-time.. Nice..

Check video samples taken with the Dot on the Kogeto website..

Dot by Kogeto :: portable 360 degree video capture unit for iPhone 4..


RC Tri-Copter vs. The Balloon Brigade..

2 02 2011

Check out this fun video of a home-made remote controlled  Tri-Copter going up against the Balloon Brigade.. Fun stuff!!!

RC Tri-Copter vs. Balloon Brigade..

This VW Gets You 313 MPG..

27 01 2011

Via Auto Express..

The Volkswagen XL1.. the company’s third generation high efficiency vehicle.. now brings you over 300 miles per gallon..

Even with a standard/wider side by side seating configuration (versus predecessors’ narrower jet-fighter fore and aft seating).. It manages to stay slippy by staying nice and low to the ground..

Combine this with lightweight materials.. Airstream management.. And a diesel/electric powerplant.. And you get the magic mileage numbers..

Will this car or a near variant hit our roads soon? I’m hoping sooner.. Than later..

Here is some more info on the XL1..

Volkswagen XL1 :: 313 mpg..

Volkswagen XL1 :: 313 mpg..

Mobile Remote Controlled Cameras..

3 05 2010

Check out the  Hawk Eye..  and the BeetleCam..  Remotely controlled vehicles with built-in cameras.. Great opportunity to take some unique photos from a totally different vantage point.. and have fun doing it!..

Spinmaster :: Hawk Eye heli camera..BeetleCam :: remote 4x4 camera..

Get Up-To-Date With Your UAVs..

3 03 2010

UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been in military use since the early 1900’s.. but since the late 80’s.. they have evolved from a more passive and observational role to a more aggressive attack-type role..

Click here and get to know what’s currently in use.. and what the future has in stock..

UAV :: Aerosonde..UAV :: T-Hawk..UAV :: Demon..UAV :: Avenger..

Control Your Point-And-Shoot With A Front-Mounted Ring..

9 02 2010

It’s been years since I’ve done any research on a point-and-shoot digital camera.. but an unforseen accident in Vegas has lead me to look for a new pocketable camera..

And that’s what leads me to talk about the Canon S90..

There are a lot of good things packed into this little box.. which makes this camera.. in my opinion.. the best point-and-shoot in the market today..

Inside.. you find the same large sensor you’ll find on the top of the line G11.. but has a faster f/2 lens than the G11.. 3″ 3:4 aspect LCD screen.. and for added controlability.. a rotating control ring around the lens.. which you can program to control aperture.. exposure.. shutter.. ISO.. and other functions.. And importantly.. make these changes quickly.. An additional control ring on the back.. and shortcut button add to making quick adjustments to squeeze the performance you need to take great photos..

It also shoots video.. but not in HD.. No matters.. My main task with this little guy is to shoot great photos when a lugging around a big DSLR isn’t feasible..

Canon S90 :: best point-and-shoot digital camera to date..Canon S90 :: best point-and-shoot digital camera to date..

My Favorite iPhone Apps So Far..

30 01 2010

Literally.. after installing hundreds of apps onto my iPhone.. and uninstalling the ones that don’t make the grade.. I find myself constantly going back to two apps on an almost daily basis..

For note taking.. I’m really loving NoteMaster.. The main strength is that I can insert photos into a note on the fly.. anywhere along my note.. You can work in landscape mode in all areas of the app.. and you can sync all your notes with Google Docs.. plus a lot of other features that make this a great app.. The only thing that I would say is missing is the ability to draw/sketch in your own doodles on the fly..

Favorite iPod apps :: NoteMaster..

For photography.. I can count on my Hipstamatic to get me the look I want.. without having to do any post-work on it.. I can just uploead/email photos straight from the app.. Pick from my favorite lenses.. film.. strobe filters.. and fire away.. Great user interface.. Below are some pics I took myself with the app..

Favorite iPod app :: Hipstamatic..