This Starship Is A Blazin’..

25 11 2009

Star Blazers is another early Japanese animated series that had made an impact on me during my childhood.. I had the standard blue and red plastic model when I was a kid.. but it can’t beat this silver-plated  1/350 scale model of the Argo/Space Battleship Yamato..  Includes remote controlled turrets.. drop anchor.. lighted bridge.. and glowing engines..  A squadron of Black Tiger Fighters and crew are also included..  I wonder if the Wave Motion Gun works?.. And oh yeah.. It’s only available in Japan.. Surprise.. surprise..


Invaded Spaces..

19 11 2009

These Gulf War images manipulated by Adam Richardson again bring me back to my childhood.. When Space Invaders were big..  But they actually look bigger in this set of Invaded Space photos.. Chem them out..

After More Than Twenty Years.. This Bike Still Looks Nuda..

19 11 2009

After more than twenty years.. the  Suzuki Nuda still looks stunning.. I remember seeing it when I was a kid..  I was impressed then.. and I’m even more impressed now that I’m seeing it again with adult eyes.. Too bad it never went into production.. Will Suzuki make a modern version with the same/similar lines???..  Who knows.. Anyways.. Enjoy the photo..  Via Bike EXIF..

Linte-what?.. Oh.. Linteloo..

17 11 2009

Saw this Sal table by Henk Vos over at Linteloo.. I like the metal caps/structural supports..  Gives the anvil like table some industrial flavoring.. Comes in black or brown..

Handsome Chair..

16 11 2009

The Quintal by Bart Vos is a beautiful armchair..  Nickel frame with walnut armrests.. Trampoline spring suspension seat with leather upholstery..  Of note is the multi-position swivelling backrest for customized comfort while seated..

Get Gassed And Jacked..

12 11 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about vinyl.. However my man Flynamic passed me the link to PROJECT SQUADT yesterday..and I have to say that Jack Specimen 002 and Gassed Specimen 001 have caught my eye.. Looks like these guys are produced in small quantities.. and all models are currently sold out.. But more to come hopefully..

The Case of the Beautiful Case..

11 11 2009

Check out this Chef Pierre Negrevergne commisioned wine case by Kossi Aguessy.. Corian and African wood outer shell.. with shock absorbing cork inner cradle..  Comes with delicious wine of course..

Chef Negrevergne Vs. Kossi Aguessy :: Beautiful wine case..

Chef Negrevergne Vs. Kossi Aguessy :: Beautiful wine case..Chef Negrevergne Vs. Kossi Aguessy :: Beautiful wine case..