RC Tri-Copter vs. The Balloon Brigade..

2 02 2011

Check out this fun video of a home-made remote controlled  Tri-Copter going up against the Balloon Brigade.. Fun stuff!!!

RC Tri-Copter vs. Balloon Brigade..


Mobile Remote Controlled Cameras..

3 05 2010

Check out the  Hawk Eye..  and the BeetleCam..  Remotely controlled vehicles with built-in cameras.. Great opportunity to take some unique photos from a totally different vantage point.. and have fun doing it!..

Spinmaster :: Hawk Eye heli camera..BeetleCam :: remote 4x4 camera..

This Starship Is A Blazin’..

25 11 2009

Star Blazers is another early Japanese animated series that had made an impact on me during my childhood.. I had the standard blue and red plastic model when I was a kid.. but it can’t beat this silver-plated  1/350 scale model of the Argo/Space Battleship Yamato..  Includes remote controlled turrets.. drop anchor.. lighted bridge.. and glowing engines..  A squadron of Black Tiger Fighters and crew are also included..  I wonder if the Wave Motion Gun works?.. And oh yeah.. It’s only available in Japan.. Surprise.. surprise..