iPad Gets a Major Hook Up..

21 01 2011

A docking station for the iPad is now available.. You can now connect your iPad to a variety of outputs rather than just via the standard 1/8″ port..

Mix this Alesis Studio Dock with Algoriddim’s djay app.. and you’ve got a party..

Alesis : Studio Dock
Alesis : Studio Dock


20 Pounds Of Paper.. Into 1.5 Pounds Of Glass..

19 04 2010

I’ve been wanting this book set for a few years now.. but now that the  Phaidon Design Classsics is portable.. and at an easier price.. Going to get it for sure..  Once I get my iPad that is..

Phaidon :: Design Classics for iPad..

I Still Have My socks On Steve..

28 01 2010

Well.. I have to say that the all new iPad didn’t knock me off my feet.. but I also have to say that there were a lot of features that I really liked..

Pro: Large screen.. thin.. light.. 10 hour battery life with 1 month standy-by.. great for surfing.. photos.. email.. videos.. etc.. Tons of apps that will work on it already.. A few great apps already designed for it.. and future apps to come..  and unlocked 3GS with great pricing..

Con: No multi-tasking.. No built-in camera.. No USB  or HDMI connectors.. No behind the back/case multi-touch controlling.. or any other super-wow item..

Apple Tablet :: iPad..

My verdict:  Even as it’s missing a lot that I wanted.. it will still be a joy to use.. Gonna get the 64gig 3GS in the States.. and worry about 3GS connectivity in Canada later..

My prediction: The iPad will still sell..

i.. i.. i.. Paper?..

22 01 2010

Five more sleeps till we get news what Apple has in store for us this year.. Rumors have it that it will most likely be the long awaited iPad/iSlate/iTable/Apple Tablet.. Or it might be something altogether unexpected.. Will it be all that we’ve been waiting for and more?.. Or will it be a letdown?.. Five more sleeps..

Apple :: iPad/iSlate/iTablet/Apple Tablet.. Who knows?..