A Couple Of Movies To Viewsualize..

29 07 2010

Here are a couple of movies that I’m looking forward to visually soaking in..

I was still a kid when I was blown away by the original’s style and imagery.. after seeing the the trailers.. I am looking for more with Tron Legacy….  >>> Directed by Joseph Kosinski.. Starring Jeff Bridges.. Garrett Hedlund.. Olivia Wilde.. Bruce Boxleitner.. James Frain.. Beau Garrett..

And with a combination of samurai/blitzkrieg/fantasy style..  Sucker Punch looks to be promising to the eyeballs.. >>> Directed by Zack Snyder.. Starring Emily Browning.. Abbie Cornish.. Vanessa Hudgens.. Jamie Chung.. Jena Malone.. Carla Gugino.. Jon Hamm.. Scott Glenn.. Oscar Isaac..

Two very different action movies that I know will look stunning.. and I’m hoping that they will also have a decent plot/storyline..

Movie :: Tron Legacy..

Movie :: Sucker Punch..




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