Diez Are Some Nice Chairs..

21 03 2010

Have a look at these Houdini chairs by Stefan Diez..  They come in two different formats.. With or without armrests..  I can see both being used for different purposes.. but also look great together in the same room..

Both chairs are screw and nail free.. Rather.. the backrest and legs are glued to a milled seat bottom.. Available in different colors and finishes..

Stefan Diez :: Houdini Chairs..Stefan Diez :: Houdini Chairs..Stefan Diez :: Houdini Chairs..Stefan Diez :: Houdini Chairs..



Apr 21, 2009/ E15/ Furniture/ Ingmar Kurth/ Steffen Kehrle

e15 CH04Houdini chair | ©2009 Ingmar Kurth

E15 unveils the first two items of the new chair family HOUDINIin Milan, a side chair and chair with armrest. Both chairs are made from 4mm thin oak-veneered plywood using an unusual production methodology. The outcome is a new silhouette of wooden furniture where the chairs’ back and seat run in bent curves around the base forming a seat shell.

Inspired by a technique used in aeroplane model making, two-dimensional plywood slabs are stretched by hand around a complexly milled solid wood ring to form the back and another to form part of the seat. No nails or screws are used to hold the chairs together rather the 2D slabs are glued to the base to stay in position, producing the shape of the chairs.

Both chairs are available in natural oak, black, white and grey lacquer finishes as well as custom colours. In Milan e15 will also present the side chair and chair with armrest with partial and complete upholstered options.

archive e15
part of a n-tv feature on e15´s houdini by Lisa Vieth




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