i.. i.. i.. Paper?..

22 01 2010

Five more sleeps till we get news what Apple has in store for us this year.. Rumors have it that it will most likely be the long awaited iPad/iSlate/iTable/Apple Tablet.. Or it might be something altogether unexpected.. Will it be all that we’ve been waiting for and more?.. Or will it be a letdown?.. Five more sleeps..

Apple :: iPad/iSlate/iTablet/Apple Tablet.. Who knows?..




2 responses

26 01 2010

Hey K-Mel:

I like the idea of a slate with (pretty much) the iPhone OS built-in. However, I would imagine it to be more for media/entertainment purposes than for productivity (word processing, etc), wouldn’t you think? We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings…

However, I do like what Lenovo is doing with this hybrid laptop/slate: http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/05/lenovo-ideapad-u1-hybrid-hands-on-and-impressions/. Very interesting. Is 2010 the year of the slate?


26 01 2010

Maybe the iPad will come with a case that also doubles as a keyboard/docking station.. kinda like the Lenovo you linked..

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