Hands-free camera harness..

6 01 2010

Check out this Keyhole hands-free camera harness.. Takes the weight off of the neck strap and keeps your SLR from swinging wildly and smacking you silly while you’re out and about on your “active type” outings..  Note that you’ll need  to rig it to a backpack or an external harness prior to using..

Backcountry Solutions :: Keyhole hands-free camera harness..




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25 01 2010
An Even etter Hands-Free SLR Harness.. « ::: Golgo73 :::

[…] An Even etter Hands-Free SLR Harness.. 25 01 2010 Earlier this month.. I posted about this hands-free camera harness.. […]

29 04 2010
camera harness

that looks like a really nice camera harness. does it feel bulky or heavy at all to you?

3 05 2010

The harness itself won’t feel bulky.. it just depends on your camera and the pack you attach it to.. Also check out this item: https://golgo73.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/an-even-etter-hands-free-slr-harness/

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